Alright, I only have one team name so far.  Rhubarb_Runner has gone ahead and named team three THE WINNER GROUP, though I think he probably meant the WinNING Group.  Rhu, if so, say so.

As for the rest o’y’all, I have no team names.  As a result, if no names are given by this time tomorrow (that’s Thursday), team one will be THE AMAZING NIPPLEFISH and team two will be WIENER-GRABBING EMPORIUM.  I hope you’re reading this, friends.

The game is starting to take shape a little bit.  I think you’re going to like it…you know, provided you last long enough.  Milkman out.  And no, I didn’t just say that.

Edit: While team three was already named, team one is now the Vindictive Voiceless Vagrants.