As I’ve mentioned, the game’s schedule will be

*challenge given on Tuesday
*due on Sunday night or Saturday morning, dependent upon my whims
*voting period starts after results are posted and goes until Tuesday
*elimination and next challenge given on Tuesday again

For the purposes of this game, the first challenge’s date will be Tuesday, June 1st. Therefore, the first due date is Sunday, June 6th. You already know that Fiction 59 is the first challenge, so now your path is clear.

As I mentioned in the CoC today (or wherever), I tend to favor stories that feel like complete stories rather than stories that feel like a small part of a large whole. There’s a subjective element here, obviously, so if you don’t like my findings, I invite you to eat me. then maybe you’ll like Beau’s. That’s why there are two of us.

Each player will be scored out of five, and non-submitters will be given a negative one. People who screw up the number of words will be given a zero. Plagiarizers, if caught (it’s happened) will be given negative five. The team with the lowest score will vote out a member, and we’ll move on.

Alright, is that everything? It appears so. Happy writing, people. It rules to have new blood in this thing.