What it is, bitches? Hey, sorry about the “bitches” thing. Lest I spend the entire day trying to formulate a solid opinion on instant replay in the major leagues, here I am, about 55 hours from the first deadline, with a semi-important post.

First of all, I have most of the email addresses from y’all. I’m missing punmanbowler, hungry joe, UncleWalt and frightwig. Perhaps they’re waiting for when they submit their stories, but I haven’t seen the latter two in a while and pun showed up today for the first time in a while, so teammates beware.

Furthermore, it occurs to me that you might want the addresses of your teammates or other players. I could easily post them here (I would, of course, form them in a way as to foil the spam spiders), but only if this is fine by those of you who own the addresses. At the very least, it might be nice if I could at least send emails to those who want them. Conversely, you could also use the comments section to make yours available.

Of course, maybe you’re all way ahead of me here and you’ve started strategizing already. If so, ignore what you’ve just read.

Alright. Discuss. Or don’t. I just wanted to get this out there.