I had this exchange on Facebook with a player today:

Player: hey, I had a Warning Label question
can the warning label be for something non-physical? for instance, for a piece of software, or the like?

Milk: Yes, definitely. Any product you’d buy

Player: that still doesn’t leave me in the clear. what about something you wouldn’t buy? (trying to think of an example without giving it away)
Like a sign on a road that you should not take?

Milk: Yeah, that works for me.


Figured that might as well be here in case anyone else had a similar question. On to the dump; I only got one done mostly as a result of being so full of writing meetings that I didn’t want to think of F59s, and I only got one sent to me. In other words, we’re taking a very small dump this week.


Herbie lunged forward, another white pellet in his sights. He was tiring a bit, but if he was going to be well-fed, he’d have to work relentlessly until feeding time was over. Herbie and James made a play at the same moment, and Herbie got one last pellet. He’d won. In the end, Herbie was the hungriest, hungriest hippo.


This is the best part of town, you’d think I’d feel safe, but I’m down to my last $15 sitting at this railroad sweating bullets. All I need is to get past these last few streets and I’m safe. I can get paid and move on. O.k. here goes. Four!?! Damn it! Boardwalk with hotels. That’s it, I’m broke.


The theme for this week, which started yesterday (whoops) is FAILURE. Have fun.