Just one from me this week…first I was obsessing over the movie shoot, and then there was the movie shoot. But enough excuses. Next week’s theme is EDUCATION.


In the darkness, Jack the Ripper lurks. He’s been watching Annette Haybenstance for months. She’s next. Jack rubs his finger against the knife, savoring the moment. Miss Haybenstance is about to pass by. Jack steps forth from the alley, and trips over a man coming from the other direction. Annette Haybenstance walks on. Whoops. Should have looked both ways.

nibbish (note: this was almost nib’s entry in Challenge One)

Though he fancied himself a charming man, Colin could not hit it off with the ladies.

Was it his cheesy haircut or bad fashion sense? Or was it because his mouth was perpetually stained with human blood that was clearly not his own?

“Yeah… it’s got to be the haircut.” he thought. “I should really talk to my barber.”


Delmon’s on second, Hardy on first. No outs. Gardy wants me to get this bunt down. When I do I’m gonna run my hardest, make it to first (perhaps sliding?) so that we can load the bases for D-Span. The crowd is buzzing, but it’s a nervous buzz, I can tell. Don’t worry guys… here it comes…. Crap!!! Pop-up.

enior executives from Hasbro and 20th Century Fox were sitting at the table breathlessly awaiting the announcement. It had been years but Lucas had finally written the promised Star Wars prequel and was about to unveil the film’s new marketable character. “Start printing money boys,” Lucas gleefully proclaimed as the long-eared character appeared on the screen. “Introducing Jar-Jar Binks!”

Sarah you broke my heart. We were in ninth grade. You had a huge rack and a lot more eager than I was. I chickened out. Thing is, a couple of years later when I was ready, you wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence. I even foolishly stopped by your house once, but it looked like someone else was over.


The special two-person 10-K challenge had gone neck-and-neck for the entire race, which was unusual for Karl, the gold medalist from the past two Olympics. Still, he was pleased as he leaned into the tape at the finish line.

Karl visibly winced, though, as Geoffrey, the boy from Make-A-Wish, stumbled across the line a close second.