Well, even a one-week extension couldn’t save this theme. I wrote one yesterday before spitting out eight very satisfying pages of my new screenplay (though I couldn’t manage anything more than a story that explained how little I wanted to write a story on this theme). Also, though the regulars were nowhere to be found, bhiggum checked in with his first-ever Fiction 59. Well, I assume. I guess it’s possible he’s got tons of them laying around for some reason.

Anyway, the only way to cleanse the palate of this boring theme is to go in the opposite direction, so your theme for next week is BREASTS.

Edward LeBlanc asked his momma, “How do I find out what my roots are?” She said, in her deep southern drawl, “Education.”
Fine, Ed thought. He left the bayou, going to LSU and getting a BA in History, then a PhD at Tulane. His antecedents still eluded him.
Edward LeBlanc never realized his momma had said “Ed, you Cajun.”

Ten days ago or so, I asked for 59-word stories that dealt with the theme of education. I think my thought process was something like, “I know this sounds boring, but let’s see what people do with it.” Predictably, the entries have been sparse. Hell, I wrote a meta-story and I hate meta-stories. Oh well. Learning experience.