Small Survivor note: Two days ago, GreekHouse sent me an email saying he wouldn’t be able to send his submission, which was already done at the time, until “late Saturday” since he was in Florida with no internet access. So, he might be a little later than the usual due time, but I’ve allowed it. As a result, so long as you get yours in before he does, no problem. You probably shouldn’t bank on him being late, though. (Edit: His entry showed up shortly after I wrote that, so forget I said anything)

For the first time, I didn’t do one of these, because I was sitting trying to think about one for so long it was actually hindering my writing process rather than helping it. So, although it looks like a fruitless week, I wrote twenty pages of my screenplay, which is really the ultimate goal anyway.

To bail me, out, two dirtbags did write breast-themed stories (and one wrote three!). Your next theme is FLIGHT.


Taking in a crimson sunset over Snake River Canyon, Chris gazed up at her mother, sensing a renewed bond between them.

“Something on your mind?” her mother asked.

“Do you think boys will like me?” Chris replied wistfully, looking down at her developing body.

“Maybe not the boys, hun,” her mother winked. “But you’ll drive the men simply mad.”


I finally get Stacy in the backseat. Some French kissing and then I make a smooth move to her breasts and get my hands under her shirt. After fumbling around with the back strap I start to worry over my clumsiness. Then Stacy whispers those six words that are music to my ears: “The clasp is in the front.”

“Eyes up” I tell myself as the babysitter climbs into the car. She’s wearing some skimpy little top, leaving nothing to the imagination. Doesn’t she know what a rack like that does to a middle age guy like me? “How’s your night Mr. Smith,” she asks sweetly. “Breast, er best ever, how’s yours?” Awkward silence all the way home.

I used to tell Susan “anything bigger than a mouthful is wasteful.” She would laugh but we both kinda wished her breasts were larger. Things got mundane in the relationship and bedroom leading me to end things. Calling her up to break the news she interrupted right away. “I’ve got news for you too. I decided to get implants….”