Quick explanation of the rules, including links to last season: On a fixed day of the week – we’ll say Sunday, since that’s the way my game ran last time – I pose a challenge, such as “Write a complete story in exactly 59 words.”  Everyone has until Friday morning to complete this challenge.  Each challenge is ranked or rated by the two judges (who won’t know whose work they’re reading) according to the challenge’s parameters, and the team that scores lower has two days (so, until the next Sunday) to vote anonymously to eliminate one of their teammates.  On Sunday, the elimination is announced, as well as the next challenge.

At some point later in the game, everyone merges into a single “tribe” and individuals, rather than teams, will win Immunity for that week.

One major change for Survivor VIII’s season is that I’ll have a few optional challenges, which I intend to put on whatever holidays or weekends people seem to be the busiest. Nobody will be specifically hurt by not doing these challenges, but anyone who does will win an extra individual Immunity; whenever their team loses next, they can’t be the one eliminated as long as they did the challenge.

Non-submissions will result in negative points for your team, and they normally result in the elimination of the person who didn’t make a submission.

That’s the simple version, though a jillion things will come up over the course of the game. If you have any questions, throw them down here.