In Survivor VII, this challenge produced some of the most ingenious entries of that or any season. It’s difficult, so I suppose that’s why.

In this challenge, two people are having some sort of scene. There can be other people involved, but the main conflict or story has to involve these two characters. The word limit here will be 1000.

At the end of the story, one character’s life, or situation (the scope of the scene is up to you) will be better. The other’s will be worse.

Also, the two characters can’t talk. They will be silent for the entire scene.

A lot of last year’s players thought this sounded intimidating, but in the end they had one of the best weeks ever. I was going to cut and paste a couple of those entries here, but I couldn’t decide which to bring over so I’ll just link you to last year’s results.

To answer a potential question: yes, any other characters can talk; it’s just the main two may not.

Due Sunday at 2pm Central.

There will be two Immunities: Beau’s favorite, and mine. If we pick the same one, the second Immunity will go to my second favorite (and Beau and I will rotate for the tiebreaker). Remember, everyone will vote for the elimination this week, even the persons who win Immunity.

Any other questions can go here. Best of fortune, Survivors. We’re on the homestretch.