Matt Novak commented to the Final Results Page:


Not entirely sure where to discuss such things, but I had a couple thoughts about some of the challenges that I wondered what other contestant thought…

I was much more a fan of the challenges that just said “write a story, it has to include these things (or can’t include certain things)” (Launch/Lunch, Death Machine, Mimes) than some of the other challenges that focused more on approach than content. I also found that at first I was troubled by challenges that had “flaws.” For example, Launch/Lunch; a misunderstanding isn’t really a compelling story element, and all of the stories ended up feeling like they had the misunderstanding element just tacked on. But upon reflection, I liked “flawed” challenges because that meant you as a writer had to get around the problem. I liked figuring that stuff out.

I loved the mime challenge, and seeing what people came up with for that one.

Also, I really didn’t like the music origin challenge. I’m eager to hear what other people thought about the challenges.


Milkman here again. I, too, am eager to hear thoughts on this. I obviously felt strongly enough about the challenges we did to run them (although I have since fallen out of love with the music origin challenge, at least for the writing version of Survivor). I like the “flawed” challenges for the same reason Matt says he ended up appreciating them: it forces the player to dig out of a hole.

Most importantly, I want this game to be fun. What were the best challenges? What shouldn’t return?

Thanks again to everyone for playing.