Here you are: your two teams of eight. We haven’t had just two teams since Survivor I. Holy crap, right?

They were drafted by two players who may or may not show themselves, and I have put players in alphabetical order. Y’all can get together and name your teams before the game starts in another week or so. I’ll send out emails to everyone with email addresses for their teammates soon, but not tonight, ’cause it’s late. You may note that Tanya Laumann dropped out, and Will Young dropped in. Or maybe you wouldn’t have noticed because you don’t know those people. Whatever.


Geoff Beckstrom
JG Berwald
Zillah Glory
Dana Hazen
Josh Mitchell
Andy Rustleund
Zack Sauvageau
Will Young


Sarah Bizek
Peter Bruzek
Rachel Dwyer
Bret Highum
Jon Mullaly
Erik Sundberg
Ben Thietje
Colin Woolston

I’m having fun watching things develop already.