Hey there, kids. These are the Fiction 59 stories that were used to draft teams. There were a lot of people who didn’t send one, which is a little disconcerting, but hey, it’s the only Spookymilk Survivor we have, right?

Peter Bruzek

Pablo had a chance to show his loyalty at the trial and he had declined. Now that the coup had failed, the crown had no use for mute confederates.

He had seen his fate, but he did not flee, he simply closed his eyes and died with a whisper.

“Sic semper prōditōrēs.” Thus always to traitors – even passive ones.

Bret Highum

I cautiously inserted the slim wire into the case. The designer had known this was a weakness, and he had added features to deter men like me. But with a well-practiced twist at just the right angle, I avoided both blocking mechanisms and triggered the release.
I’ll be damned if I’ll pay two dollars for a bag of Funyuns.

JG Berwald

She was known as a gifted chef and, to those closest to her, a clairvoyant who always believed in embracing what fate decreed. No one was surprised when we found a feast’s worth of delicacy-filled Tupperware containers chilling in the freezer labeled “For My Funeral On Friday” the day after she was suddenly killed by an errant bus.

Geoff Beckstrom

I looked across at him. He intimidated the hell out of me, a face hard and worn from years on the
streets. It was clear that he was much stronger than I having beaten me twice already and taken
my money. I refused to give up, though, as I made my move, took a deep breath and proclaimed –

Erik Sundberg

It’s tough growing up in a small town. It’s even tougher ending up as a stripper in the small town you grew up in. Do you have any idea what it’s like giving lap dances to kids you used to babysit for?

And if my old Gym teacher asks me for head one more time, I swear to God…

Zack Savageau

For him, every day was the same:

An early alarm.

Thankless work.

Home after dark.

He felt like he was stuck in a bad movie; forced to relive every day. Time blurred. A day turned into a year, a year turned into his lifetime.

I’ve found the same thing’s happening to me. I fear it happens to us all.

Dana Hazen

There was a show put on by MPR called Wits. Many, many public radio fans, geeks, and passerby (who had previously purchased tickets) came to the Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul. They were entertained by Neil Gaiman, Josh Ritter, Wil Wheaton, and Adam Savage until they puked from laughing.

Colin Woolston

“Dammit woman I’m talking. Finish the dishes,” said Harlan.
Harlan and Merle sat on the porch silently, wooden rocking chairs keeping time with the crickets. Cheryl was visible through the window between the two men, dishtowel in hand, glaring at the men.
“I’ll do it tomorrow. She’ll know then,” said Harlan.
Merle’s weathered hand reached out; touched Harlan’s quietly.

Rachel Dwyer

“How the Mighty Fall”

The God-king was the only one left. With the blood of his bodyguard on the blade and in the name of those he bitterly oppressed, I sank the weapon deep into him. If there was to be a sacrifice today, his blood and his life will satisfy the gods. We shared a glare of mutual hate as he sank.

Zillah Glory

It took too long.

Outside of the drone, a ground-up reminder that bones don’t break down as quickly as hoped, there was silence – loud enough that when Sarah finally bit through her nail and her teeth clicked, everyone sighed.

“Who’s going to-?” She licked. Metal.

“Me.” Martin? Since when? He shuffled. Grew.

Her nail, forgotten, bled. She kept laughing.