Well, just one vote necessary, since Will automatically votes for Geoff, and Geoff votes for Will.


Vote One: Geoff Beckstrom. “This was a very difficult decision. I will apply my final touch o’ death to Geoff. I’m sorry, Geoff.”

Fourteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor IX: Geoff “The Chessmaster” Beckstrom

I have to say, I had Geoff pegged as the winner since there were eight people left. Although we’d taken a strange road to get here, I absolutely believed that he was still going to pull it off when there were just three left.

Well, so much for that. Still, Geoff, this was one of the more dominant, well-played games I’ve seen. Now it befalls the jury – Zillah Glory, Rachel Dwyer, Bret Highum, Colin Woolston, and Geoff, to decide whether to hand victory to Zack or Will.

…me? I have no idea. This could be a close one.