Here’s who’s playing (three new guys!):

Daneeka’s Ghost
hungry joe
Will Young

Here are the roles:

Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie are villagers. They have no specific powers, but Homer can be trouble for Frank Grimes (see below)
Lenny and Carl are villagers. They’re aware of each other and can talk to each other during the day. It’s the Stonecutter versions of Lenny and Carl, if you were curious.
Helen Lovejoy is the seer, because she’s so damned nosy.
Mayor Quimby is a villager. One time, if he doesn’t like the way things are going, he can declare himself to be Quimby and he has sole voting power that day. As soon as he casts a vote, the decision is made.
Moe is a villager. He’s annoying, though. He can give a Flaming Moe to one villager per day, and he can decide what Sprinfielder that person has to imitate for the entirety of the next day.
Ned Flanders is a villager, and the angel. He protects one person of his choosing every night, but it can’t be the same person twice in a row. He also can’t protect himself.

Mr. Burns is a wolf.
Snake is a wolf.
Mr. Smithers is a wolf, and during the day, he can go on a kamikaze mission, killing any villager he chooses plus himself.
Frank Grimes is a wolf. If the village lynches Homer during the day, Homer’s corpse falls on Grimes and kills him as well.

I’ll email your roles post-haste, and will begin DAY in a few hours, I suspect.