Captain Kirk:  Is Federation and wins with the Federation.  His vote gets counted twice (because he is that awesome), though the moderator does not advertise this to anyone else.

Ensign:  Is Federation and wins with the Federation.  The ensign has no special powers.  However, if Captain Kirk is targeted by the wolves at night, the ensign will die in his place.  The villagers will not know whether Kirk or the ensign were targeted.

Odo:  Is Federation and wins with the Federation.  With his ability to shapeshift, he makes the perfect seer.  Once per night, Odo assumes the shape of one of the Changelings and chooses one player’s quarters.  He cannot “peek” at himself.  Upon death, he will be revealed as Odo.

Chakotay:  Is Federation and wins with the Federation.  He sees visions, but who the fuck knows what they mean?  Thus, the player who is Chakotay will also be told he is Odo.  So when Chakotay makes a peek, a random number generator will determine who he saw (which of course may not be true).  He cannot “peek” at himself.  Upon death, he will be revealed as Chakotay.

Deanna Troi:  Is Federation and wins with the Federation.  She is mostly useless.  She is only allowed one statement per day where she sounds confident.  Every other statement has to be wishy-washy.  If Troi violates this, she will be mod-killed.  A vote, by itself, does not count as a confident statement.

Changelings (3):  The enemy of the Federation.  They have infiltrated Deep Space Nine and are posing as Federation.  Each night a Jem’ HaDar soldier randomly protects the room of one of the Changelings.  If either Odo or Chakotay peek into that room, they are killed.  The Jem’HaDar will die as well and there will be no more protection for the Changelings.

Quark:  Is a neutral player.  He doesn’t care which side wins as long as he profits.  Quark personally wins if he outlives Odo.  Also, if the Changelings target Quark for death, they will have a chance to bargain with him for his life.  In exchange for his life, Quark will be told to peek in someone else’s quarters (at the Changeling’s choice) and report back.  However, Quark gets to decide if he tells the Changelings the truth or not.   At this point, the Changelings can decide if they believe Quark and then make their night kill (anyone except Quark).  If the Changelings target Quark a second time, there is no bargain and he dies.  If the Federation targets Quark, he dies.  The bargain happens entirely through the moderator.  Quark will have no idea who the Changelings are during this process.

We have fourteen players for this game.  In alphabetical order, they are

Daneeka’s Ghost
Will Young

Day will begin at 9 am CST and end at 9 pm CST