Beau came up with this challenge a couple of seasons ago, but I wish we’d named it something else. Maybe someday I’ll retroactively pretend it was called something else.

Below is a list of answers, and as a team you’re to come up with the questions that provoked these answers.

This one obviously skews toward comedy, you’ll find, and the more unexpected the comedy, better. For instance, here’s an answer I gave a couple of seasons ago:

Finally, a movie for the whole family.

It was a sort of test – I figured it would be easy to go for the gross-out here, and exceedingly obvious. Two teams tried to out-gross each other with their answers, as you’d expect, but the other team (Ben Thietje specifically) casually blew them out of the water with this suggestion:

Did you hear about Mr. and Mrs. Whole winning those movie tickets?

Ben non-submitted his way out of the game a couple of weeks later, but damn, that one sticks with me more than any suggestion in this challenge’s history.

Veterans will know the challenge of this challenge is to come up with the list, since every team just sends one list of questions. I don’t care how you come up with it, but once the list has been sent to me, it can only be overridden by the person who initially sent it. So, be a dick and send in all your own suggestions, but if you lose, your team will eliminate you (assuming they knew it was you).

Obviously, if an entire team fails to submit, they’ll automatically lose, and if two teams do this (sounds impossible? It’s happened) they’ll both eliminate a person. I can’t hold individual “non-submitters” accountable in this kind of challenge, so if you lose, everyone gets to vote and you’ll have to hold that lazy bitch accountable.

Well, here’s the list:

1. Okay, but it’s twice the cost for full service.
2. I went for it, but I missed wide right.
3. A slide rule, an apple and a piece of the Blarneystone.
4. It’s no surprise they melted, then.
5. It was my video game knowledge that saved my life.
6. Still, I don’t think it was interesting enough for 26 pages.
7. So that’s what really happened to Elvis and Tupac.
8. Because my cat is stuck in the shower drain.
9. You could get the same result by banging a bunch of pots and pans together.
10. It was pretty weird, but you could turn it into a beer commercial.
11. I should have known that’s what “Louie Louie” was about.
12. Well, that’s one way to survive a nuclear blast.
13. That’s an unlikely use of your theater degree.
14. I guess that’s the one good thing about visiting a KKK complex.
15. I wanted to go because they have the hottest chicks.
16. I wanted to go because they have the hottest guys.
17. Peer pressure makes a (guy/girl) do stupid things.
18. It was a misprint, and one letter made all the difference.
19. It was going so well until he slipped.

DK and I will each give a point to our favorite suggestion of the three on each of the nineteen answers, for a total of 38 points. The team with the fewest points will be called upon to eliminate someone. If two teams tie for the low score, we’ll look for our favorite overall answers to break the tie.

Lists are due by Sunday at 2pm Central. You’re welcome, Shawn and Matt. Now shut up.

Cheers, Survivors.