Good morrow, my fifteen noble submitters. Have we smoked out the last of the non-subbers? I hope so, because if I didn’t think so I wouldn’t run this one yet.

I should have run this when there were equal numbers of people on teams, but I’ll save that bullet for the next writing season.

Anyway, you get 500 words to set up a story that ends in a tense cliffhanger. The pieces have to be in place for a payoff, and I have to be truly interested in how the story is paid off. If I find myself frustrated that I don’t get to read the next episode, you’ve done your job. The set pieces will be a big deal here – if I can see multiple outcomes based on your setup, you have, again, nailed it.

By the way, I’ll write this here so I remember later: when I do this again, I’m going to have each team pay off one team member’s story, and set up a cliffhanger for another. Eh? Eh? I wish I could do that now, but nibbish and his Vogons are big.

They’re due Sunday at 2pm central. I don’t know when I’ll get to them, exactly, because work scheduled me that night but I absolutely can’t work it (daughter’s Christmas program) so I’ll probably be working earlier. Just sit tight and wonder who the latest non-submitter is.

The two-elimination possibility is still in place, as it will be until the merge, which may be pretty close or may not.

The following week will be optional, what with the goings-on of the holiday season, and from there on out everything will proceed normally.

Cheers, Survivors.