Blah blah blah non-submitters boo! Blah blah blah, submitters yaaaaaaayyyyy

Vote One: Leif Bierly. (His own)

Vote Two: Leif Bierly. “Dude doesn’t want to be here.”

Vote Three: Leif Bierly. “I thought non-submitting my vote would have been an appropriate response, but — Leif.”

Vote Four: Leif Bierly. “My vote is for the non-submitter. Can I vote twice?”

Vote Five: Leif Bierly. “I wish I had something funny to say about it, so that DK could point out how not funny I am again (oh shit I did it again!).”

Leif may be gone, but at least he insulted his teammates and I on the way out with his “I don’t care” email. Leif, if you’re reading this, I’m not sorry for saying this and I’m still taking it personally.

Eighth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor: Leif Bierly

And we move from Foregone Conclusion Boulevard to Obvious Outcome Junction.

Vote One: Tom Morgan. (His own)

Vote Two: Tom Morgan.

Vote Three: Tom Morgan. “”I thought he smelled bad on the outside”

Vote Four: Tom Morgan. “I wanted to read his inaugural address.”

Vote Five: Tom Morgan. “Don’t like to write? Don’t play Spookymilk Survivor!”

Tom has some wiggle room here. It sounds like he had a pretty intense week, being carted to the hospital twice. Still, Shawn has done a challenge from a hospital bed and I’d hazard to guess that nobody had a more intense week this week than Matt, who pulled down a four. But hey, I digress.

Ninth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor X: Tom Morgan

I didn’t see that one coming. His first missed challenge ever. Well, the number of people left who’ve ever had a single non-submission is very low – something like three. Maybe this week is it, Survivors. Maybe this week is it.

Challenge tomorrow morning. It’s late and I’m sick again for the third time in the last two weeks. That’s never happened to me.