The Parish
Cast of characters:
Father Ted:  The leader of this small community is always sneaking in to people’s bedrooms at night to “offer a confessional.” Each night he chooses the “lucky parishioner” and receives a confession from them regarding their true identity. Whatever else goes on is up to the parishioner.Father Jack: Drunk cantankerous old bastard that can only speak in short, foul-mouthed sentences, usually along the lines of “Drink!;” “Ass;” and “Feck,” in any order.  Other words can be used as long as the sentence is mostly nonsense.  Very rarely is he lucid or does he make sense, but thrice a day he can reveal his beautiful inner self and express his true feelings in a poetic manner befitting an Irish priest. He can be either a wolf or a parishioner.   Let me be clear. Three posts a day, any length, to lay it out there.  The rest of the posts have to be nonsensical.  They can be responses to other posts, and hopefully will be humorous, but cannot forward any strategy.

Mrs Doyle:  A loving and eager helper to Father Ted and the parish at large, she constantly blunders her way into improving the lives of those around her. Every other night, starting on night 1 (as opposed to-night 0) she chooses a Parishioner to run an errand for. If that parishioner is chosen by the the unholy as a target, the unholy mistakenly follow Mrs Doyle and a comedic mishap ensues and the parishioner and Mrs Doyle escape alive.   The first time Mrs Doyle herself is targeted she manages to escape but a comedic mishap occurs and Father Dougal McGuire is bitten instead.
Father Dougal McGuire: If Mrs Doyle is targeted by the unholy, a comedic mishap causes the unholy to bite Father McGuire instead, though his holiness allows him to survive the bite. Essentially, the unholy do not get a kill this night, but both Mrs Doyle and Father McGuire’s roles are revealed.The Unholy: Their number is 3.

Parishioners: Like villagers but holier.

Roles will be revealed at death.  Day begins at 9am CST and ends at 10pm CST. If a majority is reached at any point in the day the day continues until the standard time and the unlucky subject is locked in the rectalry.  I mean rectory. NOTE: I have altered the role of Father McGuire so that he’s not totally useless.  You may notice the game is stacked pro-parish. Deal.
Roles have been sent.  Let me know if you didn’t get yours.  Day begins at 9am CST.
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