Vote One: Sean Kelly (his own)

Vote Two: Sean Kelly.

Vote Three: Sean Kelly. “Sean! Yay, another non-submitter!”

Vote Four: Sean Kelly. “Shit, I just realized I’m retarded and didn’t vote for Sean yet. I plead busy with werewolf and beg forgiveness.”


Tenth Elimination from Spookymilk Non-Submitter: Sean Kelly

Sean’s actually ended up going down this way in both his games, and in both it’s surprised me since he was 100% to that point. I felt I noticed great strides in his writing this time…I wish he could have made it long enough for some of the tougher stuff, but que sera sera.

I’ll have the final optional challenge up later today. Werewolf is up now, so as soon as I can tear myself away from it I’ll get to writing the challenge.

Cheers, Survivors.