Alright, Survivors. Your last optional challenge leans a little more on the conceptual side, hence I won’t use it for a regular challenge.

Here’s an idea for a movie:

A saucy redhead who wears nothing below the belt chases after a seaman while a jealous busty wench attempts to break them up.

Some biddy would write an angry letter to Disney about that, right? Unfortunately for the biddy, this is the plot of The Little Mermaid, at which she would likely take no umbrage.

So, write an angry letter about a movie plot someone may have heard the wrong things about, or write a letter of praise for a movie that this biddy might not actually approve of. I ask that you include the title of the movie in case it’s tough to pick up – I don’t want your brilliance to go unappreciated – but I’d suggest leaving it at the end to maximize the punch of the reveal, if it isn’t obvious already.

DK and I will each pick a favorite, and a solo Immunity will be granted for the person the next time the team loses (if this time never comes, it’ll carry over post-merge). If we choose the same one, only one solo Immunity will be granted.

You have until next Tuesday the 27th at 6pm Central. Since there will be no voting, it would be pretty stupid to make it due on Christmas night. After that, expect no more optional challenges.

Cheers, Survivors.