As the sun rises on the parish of St Leche, and the milkmaids bounce along the paths from the dairy, and the little ones play in the muck about the gallows, a crowd begins to gather for the morning spectacle.
As they approach they all feel the same sense of dread from the prior morning, and their hearts sink deeper into their bowels as they recognize the familiar face of Father Dougal McGuire.  Fortunately his beatific face was unmarred. Unfortunately it was no longer attached to his head.
As the women begin their keening, and the men begin their debate on who could possibly be responsible, it is easy to forget the children.  
Little Kenny, his crutch leaning against the gallows, lit his morning cigarette and surveyed the scene.  Had anyone been paying attention, they might have noticed the twinkle in his improbably gigantic eyes.
 Nibbish  (Father Ted, Killed night 1)
 TDO       (Holy, lynched day 1)
 Adobery  (Holy, lynched day 2)
DG   (Father Dougal, killed night 2)

Will Young

5 needed for a majority
Day ends at 10pm CST

***** It is day *****