You all did pretty good this week. There were just a couple that hung most of you up.

No one had the correct answer for BYBAC in the Initial Diagnoses puzzle. Several of you put “Before You Buy a Car”. I googled and could not find any tie to a company slogan. If anyone wants to argue their case for an answer (besides Novak), please contact me.

Some of you figured out the first word association was the Pacman ghosts, but I have to give a hats off to my mom, who came up with another totally valid (and much harder to come by) answer: Winkler
Blepharospasm sufferer = wink akin to blink > winkle (frequentative of wink) > one who winkles is a winkler
Roz Kelly = girlfriend of the Fonz (Henry Winkler’s character)
Fountain Pen = Olaf Winkler patented a fountain pen
Clyde Barrow = Had a brother in law with the last name of  Winkler

There were two bonuses out there this week, but Brooks was the only one to find any. The acrostic had one, though I messed it up. If you look carefully, you may notice that some of the numbers in the answer section were bolded. If you took these letters and rearranged them, you would get the name of the actor who spoke that line: Thomas Wilson. However, somehow, I bolded the wrong one, so as close as you could have got was Thomas Wilsun.

The second bonus was in the Quote in a Box puzzle. “Princess Zelda without a hero is just another game (missing Link)” and “I loved the website although I could not find a way to the contact page.” (missing link)

I do not have the next puzzle, but it will have it ready for the next day. Results and answers below.


Week 9 Top Scores
Brooks Maki    27
Randy Sorrell    24
Beau S   23
Kelly Wells    23
Matthew Gilman    23

Top 5 in Standings
Matthew Gilman    237
Randy Sorrell    220
Bret Highum    211
Brooks Maki    210
Peggy Sorrell    208