First of all, Judas is a Carrot failed to show up for the second day in a row because playing games is for losers.  So, he’ll be a nonsub like Carla and Chubby.

So, how ’bout this final day?  It was pretty hilarious.  It seems people were so insistent upon Mariska not winning the low immunity, they decided she should win the high immunity instead.  Meanwhile, one person outlasted the others, just barely, in the low half.

The Power of Bread IMM 58
Lean Mutton Morgan IMM 79
Annika Greyskull IMM 80
Commissioner Goofypants IMM 58
Mariska Crookshanks IMM 31
Crispy Thomas 29
Miles O’Christ 21
Mitchell Happygrandpa 18
Meldon Dumpsterbucket 8
Endoplasmic Paperbags 3
Johnny Samplerplatter 1
Madeline Puppypickles -2
Horace the Load IMM -4
Cleavon Freshmix IMM -50
Elihu Farley IMM -41
Cleopatra Burlington IMM -66
Orlando Gloopgloop IMM -63

To those of you who won Immunity early – welcome back!  It’s time for y’all (besides Chubby, Carla and Judas) to vote.  They will self-vote.  And remember Immunity Idols and all that, if you think you need one.

Votes are due Saturday at 2pm Central.  That’s 2pm, folks.  Don’t forget.  Forgetfulness hasn’t been a big problem so far, right???  You can vote for anyone who doesn’t have Immunity listed here.  After I chuck the next body on the pile, I’ll get on with the next challenge, which will have either one or two deadlines, so you won’t be doing stuff every day.

Cheers, Survivors.