Hey, let’s eliminate someone! Always the most fun and yet regrettable part of the game (but mostly fun, since I can’t be eliminated).

Would anyone like to play an Immunity Idol this week?…


Vote One: Judas is a Carrot (his own).

Vote Two: Chubby Soup (his own).

Vote Three: Carla Fudgepillows (her own).

Vote Four: Chubby Soup.

Vote Five: Carla Fudgepillows. “i choose u!”

Vote Six: Judas is a Carrot.

Vote Seven: Chubby Soup.

Vote Eight: Judas is a Carrot.

Vote Nine: Judas is a Carrot. “Because he’s a carrot and because his name is Judas.”

Vote Ten: Mitchell Happygrandpa.

Vote Eleven: Carla Fudgepillows. “The dumb cooze.”

Vote Twelve: Mitchell Happygrandpa. “Wait. He wasn’t a non-submitter? Are you sure?”

Vote Thirteen: Mitchell Happygrandpa. “Too happy, plus I hate grandpas.”

Vote Fourteen: Mitchell Happygrandpa. “Golfing Great Mitchell “Cumstein” HappyGrampa”

Vote Fifteen: Mitchell Happygrandpa.

Vote Sixteen: Mitchell Happygrandpa.

Vote Seventeen: Mitchell Happygrandpa.

Vote Eighteen: Mitchell Happygrandpa.

Vote Nineteen: Mitchell Happygrandpa. “He doesn’t seem to be happy, or a grandpa. I could be wrong about both of those.”

Vote Twenty: Mitchell Happygrandpa. “I’m not upset that you lied, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”


Second Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XI:

Joseph “Mitchell Happygrandpa” Rakstad

AKA: punmanbowler

Previous Games: VII, VIII

Best Finish: 15th, in VII

I’m guessing this one comes as a surprise to ol’ Mitch. It’s kind of a harsh way to go down this early, but that’s what you get in this kind of a challenge.

I’ve gone back and forth on the next challenge for a very long time, deciding which one to do. Since I’d promised a few people a challenge with just one deadline, I’m gonna go with it.

This one is called Auction and was suggested to me by Brendon Stanton, bringer of Werewolf.

It’s like this: I’ll give you something like “Current franchise with the most World Series Championships,” and the person who gives the highest answer that isn’t repeated will win that auction. So, go with the Yankees if you must, but I promise you someone else will, too. If people tie with different answers – like, if multiple people name a team with three titles – they’ll all win Immunity as long as they’re not cancelled out by someone else with the same team. I…think I explained this well enough.

If you win even a single Auction, you’re Immune. There will be 12 Auctions, so it’s possible for us to have 12 Immunity winners, just one, or any number in between. I’m going to guess eight, just for fun.

Your entire list of answers is due Tuesday at 7pm Central, though I have no idea if most of you will need that long. Nonsubmitters on this one will be the only people up for elimination. So, apologies in advance if you work your ass off for Immunity and it doesn’t mean anything. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

I think I’ve explained everything to death, so here’s the Auction list:

1. The current MLB franchise with the most World Series titles
2. The earliest movie (by year, according to IMDb) with the word “love” in the title
3. The acting Oscar winner with the fewest number of acting credits on IMDb
4. The human character in the Alien Quadrilogy who dies the earliest
5. The two-word phrase that nets the greatest number of results on Google (SafeSearch Off)
6. The comic book character who appeared the earliest, according to Wikipedia (please don’t eff around with Wiki to win this Auction)
7. The PSN-exclusive game with the highest MetaCritic score
8. The earliest word spoken at least once Jethro Tull’s “Thick as a Brick”
9. The first character, alphabetically, from a Shakespearean tragedy (I’ll use my complete works to confirm these). Must start with a letter, so “1st Spear-Carrier” or whatever would be out. Mention what play they’re from so I can do it quickly, though I’ll generally already know.
10. Former WWF/WWE superstar who died the most recently (if the same guy used multiple gimmicks, they still cancel out)
11. The Twitter account with the most followers
12. The word with the greatest number of letters (must be recognized by dictionary.com)

I hope these come relatively quickly, so I can confirm them as I go. I’m sure there will be grey area here and there, so I apologize in advance to whomever gets screwed.

Cheers, Survivors.