While we wait for PwtP results, let me get a couple pieces of business out of the way.

*First, I have been kicking around the idea of a CdL podcast (mostly SS, probably, but that doesn’t have to be all) for a while, and since I’m at home alone today, it’s the perfect time. If you want to do a podcast with me today and be the historic first-ever guest on my show(!!!!!!), email me. I figure we’ll talk about your past games, and maybe do a “top five” feature where I run down the top five…best non-winner games, or whatever. Or maybe you have a top five gimmick ready, and I have to make the list on the spot. That could be a fun running gimmick.

I’m pretty sure the best way to do this is put it together on Skype and then host it somewhere (I’ve got the somewhere). I’m fairly sure I know what I’m doing, but if I don’t, what’s the worst that can happen? A bunch of fun convo on Spookymilk Survivor, that’s what.

(If you want to do this, I’m “spookymilk” on Skype. Could this also happen via Google Hangout?)

*After All-Stars but before SS XIII, DK will be running “Big Brother” to give me a much-needed break. It’ll be anonymously run, just like SS XI was.

Here’s how the game runs (DK, fix this if I miss anything):

-Everyone participates in a “Head of Household” competition.
-The “Head of Household” then nominates two people for elimination.
-There is a “Power of Veto” competition between the HOH, both nominees, and three random people. The winner can veto one of the nominees and substitute someone in as a nominee, if desired. I don’t think the HOH can be nominated, though.
-Everyone besides the HOH votes to eliminate one of the two nominees. The HOH only votes in the event the other “houseguests” create a tie.
-Another HOH competition happens, with the caveat that the outgoing HOH cannot participate.
-The circle continues.

I’m pretty psyched to watch this game unfold. The games will be similar to the type of games I run in strategy seasons, I’m pretty sure, but DK’s the guy to ask (and I imagine he plans on surprising us a lot). There are other aspects to Big Brother that I didn’t mention, but I’m not sure how they’d fit in this forum.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed the 900th post at Casa de Leche. Thanks for watching/playing, everyone.