I’m drawing a blank on some fitting introduction for our first eviction of the season. Normally the host would say something like “The evicted Houseguest will have one minute to say their goodbyes, gather their belongings and walk out the front door.” but that doesn’t really apply here. Just go with it.

Vote One: Randy Boxer. “You are too quiet, Randy. And all the x’s in your email address make me wary.”

Vote Two: Corliss Blackbeard. “I’ve never gotten along with pirates.”

Vote Three: Randy Boxer. “Maybe if you bothered to even just say hello to me I would not be voting for you right now.”

Vote Four: Randy Boxer.

Vote Five: Randy Boxer.

Vote Six: Randy Boxer.

Vote Seven: Randy Boxer.

Vote Eight: Randy Boxer. “I’ll vote for Randy so he can leave the game and go back to working with Brandi Maxx.”

By a vote of 7 to 1, the first player evicted from Casa de Leche Big Brother is:

Zack “Randy Boxer” Sauvageau

Well, first eviction and we’ve already eliminated a Survivor winner.  Big Brother can be a harsh game.  No pressure, guys.

As mentioned earlier, we’ll take the rest of the holiday weekend off.  For the remaining ten of you, I’ll get the next challenge ready to go and up here sometime Monday.  I’ll send you an email when it’s getting started.

Have a great weekend, Houseguests.