Houseguests, the power is up for grabs. We’re going to play something I really wanted to play back when site owner Spookymilk ran a version that drew people from the entire history of Survivor, but I never got the call. Instead, I’m going to put you all through it. Except for Orgulas, of course; as outgoing HoH, he’ll have to sit this one out.

There’s a long explanation of the rules here, but since there’s only one winner this time, the rules on extra Immunities there won’t apply. Basically, everyone will enter the “ring” at different times according to random draw, and when I tell the players in the ring that an elimination is due, those players will send me a vote for who they want to eliminate. Once the elimination is in, I’ll update the results post and move on to the next entrants. I’ll give 24 hours per elimination round, although this can certainly move faster.

Sometimes there might be multiple eliminations at once. In those cases, you’ll send me your top two picks, in order, for elimination. If your first pick goes, your second pick will count for your second vote; if not, and you survive, your first pick will count for the next vote too. If there are any ties in voting, I’ll go by the first player to get a vote according to the timestamp.

We’ll go until there’s two people left. At that point, the HoH will be the player who was in on more eliminations. If that’s a tie, we’ll go to the old “guess what number I’m thinking of without going over” BB tradition.

This will be an anonymous challenge. Everyone will get a wrestler persona, and you’ll know what other wrestlers are in the ring with you, but I won’t tell you what players those represent. When you vote for eliminations, you’ll use the wrestler aliases, not your BB player names.

If anybody non-submits on two different elimination rounds, they’ll be eliminated from the challenge, be out of the running for HoH and receive one BB strike.

This could be confusing, so I’m always here to answer questions. Take a look at Spooky’s longer explanation that I linked, and then let me know what you’re wondering about. If you don’t get an email right away telling you you’re in the ring, you’ll get one later on once one or more elimination rounds have passed, so keep an eye out. The first elimination round will be due Tuesday (tomorrow) at noon Central.