It was…something, alright. As you may or may not have seen on the board, Silver Berzerker was the last player standing and wins this Power of Veto. Silver, you have until 9 PM Central Wednesday (tomorrow) to let me know if you want to use the Veto to remove Corliss or Kellifer from nomination. As before, the nominees are encouraged to make whatever pitch they deem appropriate to the Veto winner to save them. Once the Veto decision is made, we’ll get to the second round of eviction voting.


Silver has chosen not to use the Power of Veto on either nominee. Therefore, Corliss and Kellifer remain eligible for the eviction vote.

Same basic rules as last vote apply. As the two nominees, Corliss and Kellifer would only be able to vote for each other, and their votes would cancel out. Therefore, they are not required to submit anything to me for this vote. As HoH, Crockett is not allowed to vote except in the event of a tie (in this case that should only happen if somebody doesn’t submit). The other seven Houseguests must submit a vote to evict either Corliss or Kellifer from the game to me by the deadline; if anyone doesn’t submit, they will receive one BB strike.

The deadline for the vote will be Thursday at 9 PM Central. Good night, Houseguests.