So I’m bored, everyone’s votes are already in, and it doesn’t seem like anyone’s going to be changing their minds on this one, so for (probably) one time only I’m going to post the elimination a day earlier than the deadline. Plus, I want to get moving along since there’s something else we should do quick before we get the next HOH challenge started.

But first, your second set of votes:

Vote One: Corliss Blackbeard. “I wasn’t voting this way until you started the “no moves until the deadline” thing.”

Vote Two: Kellifer Lumbermuffins. “Otherwise he’ll win this whole thing.”

Vote Three: Corliss Blackbeard. “Estas loco, hombre!”

Vote Four: Corliss Blackbeard. “Your awesome story would have TOTALLY redeemed you if not for the “wait for eight hours each move” bullshit.”

Vote Five: Corliss Blackbeard.

Vote Six: Corliss Blackbeard.

Vote Seven: Corliss Blackbeard. “Corliss, because I’ve never met a pirate I like.”

By a vote of 6 to 1, the second player evicted from Casa de Leche Big Brother is:

Corliss Blackbeard

So I’ve decided, for…production reasons, I’m not going to reveal Corliss’ identity just yet. You’ll find out about him and everybody else by at least the end. For now, he’ll stay anonymous.

Speaking of staying anonymous, here’s that other thing I was talking about: It’s time to see how well you can Hide Yourself!

Each of you may, if you want, send me a list of three players’ true identities. At the deadline, I’ll randomly take one of the lists, and randomly pick one of the players on it, and that player will be eliminated.

Unless, that is, the list I randomly select has any wrong identifications. In that case, the player who sent that list will be eliminated instead.

You’re not required to do anything for this; if you don’t want to take a shot at it, you don’t have to, since there’s plenty of risk for you if you’re wrong. This is probably not the last time we’ll see one of these come up, either.

Since I’m as anxious as anyone to start the next HOH, and I figure, though the option needs to be presented, there may not be too much official response to this, the deadline for entries, if you want to submit one, is Thursday (tomorrow) at noon Central. Whether we have an elimination from this or not, the next HOH comp will go up then. Talk to you tomorrow, Houseguests.