Here’s the post where we’ll keep track of who’s gotten poison hits. You’ll be told who sent you the email each time so you know who you can’t send it back to, but I’ll only post the hits themselves on this list.

Barnaby Winstringham (XXX) (first dead)
El Burro Rosa (XX)
Gone with the Blimp (XXX) (second dead)
Kellifer Lumbermuffins (X)
Meredith Monstergumby (XXX) (fourth dead)
Orgulas Proudfoot (XXX) (fifth dead)
Silver Berzerker (XXX) (sixth dead)
Till Goldworthy (XXX) (third dead)

And we’re off!


At this point, Kellifer Lumbermuffins is the only possible winner, and therefore, Kellifer is your new Head of Household. Pulling off another classic BB move of surviving being nominated for the last eviction to go straight to HOH, Kellifer is safe from nomination this week and must send me two choices for nomination by Saturday (tomorrow) at 6 PM Central. After nominations are made, we’ll start the next PoV competition.