As HOH, it is Silver’s duty to nominate two fellow Houseguests for eviction from Big Brother. Silver has chosen to nominate:

Kellifer Lumbermuffins and Till Goldworthy.

With nominations made, we can start our next POV competition: The Lottery. The description of the game’s origin and the full rules are here, and I’ll go over the rules and the format we’ll use this time around in a moment.

But first, here’s who the BB Randomizer drew to compete in the challenge along with Silver, Kellifer, and Till:

Meredith Monstergumby, Barnaby Winstringham, and Orgulas Proudfoot. So you six, here’s the rules for The Lottery:

Every turn, I will choose a Lottery Winner, and the other five players will choose their roles from the others I describe here.

Lottery Winner: Selected at random to die. They won’t need to do anything that turn; I’ll tell them and no one else they’ve been selected, and they can do with that information what they wish.
Rock-Hurler: It only takes one rock-hurler to kill the Lottery Winner, but if there’s more than one hurler, one will also randomly die from an errantly-thrown rock. Can be overridden by Conscientious Objectors.
Conscientious Objector: If there are as many or more objectors as there are rock-hurlers, then they overthrow the system and up to two hurlers are killed instead of the Lottery Winner…unless someone chooses Conformist Gone Mad.
Conformist Gone Mad: A snitch. If someone chooses Conformist, the Objectors will be caught and one will be selected randomly to die. However, the Conformist will die too, as the others put a hit out on him. If there’s more than one Conformist, one will be selected at random to die. The Lottery Winner and Hurlers will all survive in this case.
A Far, Far Better Thing: If chosen, will take the place of the Lottery Winner and automatically die. If this is chosen, I’ll immediately end the turn and anyone else who hasn’t submitted will not be counted as a nonsub.
Nonsub: If you don’t choose any role by the end of a turn, you’ll die that turn in addition to whatever other deaths there are. For every two turn submissions you miss, you will receive one BB strike.

If there are no rock-hurlers to make the kill: One each of the Objectors and Conformists, if available, will be chosen randomly to die.

At the end of each turn, I’ll post how many of each role was picked, and the identities and roles of those who died that turn.

Unlike the original game, no one’s being eliminated from this game for “deaths”. Rather, you’ll all play each turn, and the player who has died the fewest number of times at the end will win this Power of Veto. If there’s a tie for fewest deaths, the winner will be the player among those who was chosen as the Lottery Winner the most times. If that’s a tie, we’ll go back to the BB Random Number Generator.

I’m planning to run eight turns, and will give 12 hours per turn for your submissions (except for this first one, since I don’t want to post at 4 AM, I’ll give you till noon tomorrow). So this will probably take a few days, but if you guys all get your submissions in earlier than the deadlines, I can move it forward sooner. I will move forward after I get all the submissions though, so on this challenge you should be sure you know which role you want when you submit, cause you might not be able to change it this time.

Good luck, Houseguests. This should be fun, I hope.