Voting for Blimp: Barnaby Winstringham
Voting for Merry: Gone With the Blimp
Voting for Orgulas: Kellifer Lumbermuffins
Voting for Barnaby: El Burro Rosa, Meredith Monstergumby, Orgulas Proudfoot

Barnabius has been assassinated. The other five of you, vote for one of the three players in bold for turn 2’s assassination.

I’m going to change the deadlines to 24 hours because I think a full day will be better for this challenge. So turn 2 will be due Friday (tomorrow) at noon Central.


Voting for Merry: El Burro Rosa, Orgulas Proudfoot
Voting for Burro: Gone With the Blimp, Kellifer Lumbermuffins, Meredith Monstergumby

El Burropatra feels the harsh sting of the knives. The remaining four of you, vote for one of the three players in bold for turn 3’s assassination. Turn 3 is due Saturday (tomorrow) at noon Central.


Voting for Kellifer: Gone With the Blimp
Voting for Merry: Kellifer Lumbermuffins
Voting for Blimp: Meredith Monstergumby, Orgulas Proudfoot

Blimp-ligula is next to fall. The three of you left, vote for one of the two players in bold for turn 4’s assassination. Turn 4 is due Saturday (tomorrow) at 2 PM Central.


Voting for Merry: Orgulas Proudfoot
Voting for Orgulas: Kellifer Lumbermuffins, Meredith Monstergumby

Orgulas (that’s close enough to a Roman name itself) is the final assassination. To the tiebreaker between our final two players:

Kellifer: 2 kills
Meredith: 4 kills

Meredith Monstergumby stands alone as your new Head of Household. Merry is safe from nomination this week, and must send me two choices for nomination by…

I’m going to say Sunday by 2 PM Central. I have to extend this one because I’m going to be pretty busy this weekend, I haven’t fully decided what we’re doing next for the Veto challenge, and in any case I probably won’t be available to monitor it tomorrow. So I’ll put that up on Sunday afternoon. If the nominations come in sooner than that, that’s no problem, but I’ll post them on Sunday too.