Okay, I admit that voting period felt a little long. From here on out I’ll try to make them a day long and change at the most. Anyway, here’s your votes for the fifth player eviction.

Vote One: Orgulas Proudfoot. “I see him scheming like a general, or a witch at a black mass or something.”

Vote Two: Orgulas Proudfoot. “I liked that guy a lot in Lord of the Rings but I don’t think he hit the mark with this game. Oho!”

Vote Three: Orgulas Proudfoot. “I’m surprised your charade didn’t come crashing down on you earlier. Good try, though.”

Vote Four: Orgulas Proudfoot. “What a long and strange road it has been. Wait, we’re only halfway done?”

There are four evictions remaining after this, so I suppose we are now past the halfway point eviction. I’d better switch out the big dinner table for the smaller one.

By a vote of 4 to 0, the fifth player evicted from Casa de Leche Big Brother and the third member of the Jury is:

Orgulas Proudfoot

As Orgulas picked up his bag of clothing and headed for the door, one Houseguest behind him shouted, “Bye bye, Geoff!” Orgulas wheeled around, but the Houseguests had already scattered. Alone, he shuffled out the door.

No comment on that from me. Remember, I will reveal everyone’s true identity once we get to the end. For now, Orgulas will head to the Jury House with the others.

In a moment, I’ll get to describing the next HOH challenge. But first, I have one announcement of sorts. I’m a little disappointed that no one found the message I planted in the Zingbot zings. In fact, as far as I know, none of you even tried. Truthfully, I thought it was a little too easy; I figured the morning it went up I’d have three or four emails with the solution already. Too bad, too, as the reward for finding it might’ve been powerful enough to save one of the recent evictees. You can go back and look for it now if you want, but whatever might result in the game from finding that is now inactive. So I guess we’ll never know what might have happened.

Anyway, the next HOH challenge will be Poker Hands. As outgoing HOH, Merry is not eligible to compete in this challenge. The other five of you will receive an email from me shortly with a six-card hand. The goal of the game is to put together the best five-card hand by the deadline (one of your cards, then, will not be counted in your hand at the end). You’ll put your hands together by trading with each other.

You can discuss whatever you want about your hands with each other, but to make an actual trade, you should make an email offer and copy me in on it. If your offer’s target accepts, they should reply to us both with that acceptance. I’ll then send you both a confirmation of the trade.

The game will end at noon Central on Saturday. Most of tomorrow (Friday) during the day I’ll be operating from my phone, but that shouldn’t preclude me from sending confirmations. It will help me if you start a fresh email thread for every new trade offer.

If you need a primer on the strength of poker hands, here is one. In our game, if anyone gets a Royal Flush before the deadline, they’ll automatically win HOH. Otherwise, the strongest hand at the end will win. Nonsubs, happily, will be irrelevant to this game.

Good luck, Houseguests. Congrats on reaching the final six.