As we all probably could guess, no one submitted any official Hide Yourself lists, so we’ll move on to the next HOH challenge: Snakes on a Plane. As outgoing HOH, Blimp is ineligible to compete in this one. Additionally, because he’s receiving a penalty nomination this week, Kellifer will be ineligible to compete in this comp too. So, the power is up for grabs between Barnaby, Burro, and Silver.

Here is a grid. It has lots of numbers. Your task will be to place three snakes on the grid in an attempt to gain as main points as possible. Your snakes will be ten spaces long, and can move in any direction. You should format your snake submissions to me like such:


If, however, any of your snakes intersects with another snake – yours or someone else’s – then both of you will receive no points from those snakes.

The player whose snakes add up to the most points total will win HOH. If there’s a non-zero tie in points, then I’ll take all of your surviving snakes and add up the points on each end, and the higher total there will be the winner – i.e., if you have one snake with 9/6 on the ends, and your opponent has one with 9/4, you’ll win. If all the players end up with zero points, then I’ll start adding up from the beginning, and only eliminate the specific intersecting spaces. After that, whoever has the most total points will win.

One way or another, that ought to get us a winner. If somehow it doesn’t, we’ll probably do a random number game again. Let’s make the submissions of snakes due on Tuesday at noon Central. If everyone gets their snakes in early, however, we’ll move right along.