As Head of Household, it is normally Silver’s duty to nominate two fellow Houseguests for eviction. In this case, since Kellifer Lumbermuffins has already been penalty nominated, Silver made one addition nomination of:

Gone With the Blimp. “He turned me into a newt!”

All five of you will be entered into this Power of Veto competition. It’s called Minefield.

In the first part, you’ll each create a 7×7 grid with mines placed on it. You’re required to place 23 mines on your grid, and there must be at least one clear path somewhere from D7 to E1 (numbers down the side and letters across the top) on your grid.

You must submit your grid to me by 9 PM Central Wednesday (tomorrow). After everyone’s grids are in, I’ll explain to you how the next part of the challenge – crossing the minefields – will proceed. If anyone doesn’t submit a grid by the deadline, they’ll be counted as a nonsub and receive one BB strike.