OK, Final Four. We’ve only got a few challenges left. There’s this HoH, the final Power of Veto, and then the final three-part HoH Challenge. As usual, as outgoing HoH, Silver is not eligible to compete in this one. However, once we get to the final three, all players left will be eligible to compete for the final HoH. So no need to be concerned that winning this HoH will keep you out of the final one.

This challenge is one I threw together back in the Survivor All-Stars Create-a-Challenge. It’s a little like Chess Blocker, a little like Sheeple, but not exactly either one. Here’s the rules:

The players are on an 8×8 square grid. They choose their starting positions. Each turn, they must move one square in any available direction: up, down, left, right, or diagonally. Each square that is vacated by a player will be “flipped”, meaning it will be unavailable to be entered again. If a player is left at the end of a turn with no possible moves the next turn, that player is eliminated.

The players will also possess two single-use powers. The first is the ability to switch positions on the board with another player. The second is the ability to override another player’s move and move them instead to a square of the power-using player’s choosing. Again, each of these powers may be used only once by each player. The effects of these powers happen before the players’ normal moves occur.

The players will be assigned a priority order, to account for the possibility that two players attempt to move into the same square, and also, if necessary, for the order of power usage on each other. The player with the lower priority will be informed that his or her chosen square has been occupied and they must choose again. If they are left with no other possible moves they are eliminated. After each move or power conflict that requires priority order to resolve, the player who had the higher priority will be moved to the lowest priority, with the other players moving one priority higher.

The last player left on the board is the winner.

The board is here. Here’s how I’ll determine priority order:

Most challenges won: Blimp 2, Barnaby and Burro 1 each
Fewest times nominated: Barnaby 1, Burro 2

So the order will start at Blimp, Barnaby, Burro. If you guys could send me your starting positions by 9 PM Central tonight, that’d be great. After that, I think we’ll try to get through at least two turns a day. As always, let me know if there are any questions. Good luck, Houseguests.