As usual, go check out the board, where you’ll see that Gone With the Blimp was the last player able to move, securing his place in the final three with this Head of Household win. Blimp is safe from nomination this week and must send me his choices of which two of the other three players to nominate for eviction by noon Central tomorrow.

That nomination update will probably be added onto this post. I’m thinking about something pretty ambitious and complex for this next PoV contest, and I’m still working on figuring it out. Since if it happens it would be much easier to play in one session rather than through intermittent turns, I’d like to ask the four players if there’s any time within the next several evenings where a couple hours could be carved out of our schedules to play for the veto. Let me know what you think could work.


Blimp has chosen to nominate:

Barnaby Winstringham. “He didn’t get nominated last week. Don’t want him to feel left out.”

and Silver Berzerker. “The newt thing didn’t work. I’ll try this instead.”

Everybody responded that tomorrow (Thursday) night starting around 9 PM could work, so we’re going to provisionally schedule the veto challenge to take place then (unless I chicken out and run something else that can take turns as we usually do). Keep an eye out on the site here today as I’ll probably post a description/rules of the game so you guys can familiarize yourself with the game and ask me questions before we play it.