Folks, it was a pretty epic battle. Go check out the board and you’ll see we had a three-way tie for last players alive. Going to the tiebreaker – total successful hits – Barnaby Winstringham came out on top, with 24, winning the final Power of Veto of the season.

Barnaby’s told me he will veto his own nomination, and as the only option left, that means El Burro Rosa must be nominated in Barnaby’s place. Therefore, this eviction vote will be between Burro and Silver. As HoH, as always, Blimp is not allowed to vote except in case of a tie. The two nominees could only vote for each other, and therefore are not required to submit anything for this vote, making Barnaby the only player required to submit a vote to evict either Burro or Silver to me by 9 PM Central Friday (tomorrow). After Barnaby’s decision, we’ll be down to the final three and start looking forward to our three-part final HoH challenge.