Should I put this behind a jump? I’ll put it behind a jump.

Vote the Only: El Burro Rosa. “This is tough because both players have helped me in the past, but Burro seemed to be working with Blimp against me on both the HoH and PoV challenges. It would be foolish to expect that to change on the next challenge if I left them both alive. Adios Burro.”

The eighth elimination from Casa de Leche Big Brother, and the sixth member of the Jury, is

El Burro Rosa

So our Final Three consists of Barnaby, Blimp, and Silver. One HoH challenge left; but really, three challenges, since the Big Brother Final HoH competition is traditionally held in three parts. The first part, all three of you will compete. The winner will advance to the third part, and the remaining two will compete in the second part. The winner of that part will face off with the first part’s winner in the third part, for the title of Final HoH of the season, a place in the final two, and the power to choose who will advance with them to face the Jury vote for the winner of the game.

I’m still working out what the first part is going to be, though (since it was originally going to be Battleship). And since this is a somewhat unique weekend, I don’t think we’ll get started until after it’s over. Actually, it’d be great if we could find enough nights where we could get the necessary players together to play the games live again each time. If the three of you know much about your evening schedules next week, starting on Tuesday, let me know. In the meantime, once I get the first challenge set, I’ll post it here, even if we don’t know yet exactly when we’ll play it (or when it will start if we don’t do it live).