When the word “live” is in all caps, you know you should be excited, right? Well, once I have the roster finalized, I’ll be holding the random draw live, just like I did for X. The link will be here.

It’ll probably be either Wednesday or Thursday, so if you haven’t jumped in but want to (or you have, but need to pull out) please let me know now. I don’t know which night it will be yet because it’s entirely possible that Big Brother will have a live challenge going on either of those nights and I want them to get their challenge done without the draft competing for viewers. It’s important that we all draw the ratings around here, you see.

I’ll let you know in email (and here) when it’s about to go up, and you can join us from there if you like.

I’m leaning toward either no or very few Immunity idols. Team challenges and conceptual challenges will be present.

Any questions? I’m around.