When morning came, I reckon none of us in Nirvana were surprised to see Artemis’s brother Fireball lying dead about a quarter mile from our camp. He was the only one stupid and drunk enough to wander alone, and even his grieving siblings figure he got what he deserved.

Lt. Daniels was the most defensive, but he’s batshit crazy, so he always is. I was looking harder at the rest of the siblings. I don’t want to think Artemis is one of them – I helped deliver that child in a former life – but ever since they spread to the rest of us humans I don’t need more than a hunch.

I want to get the last one, and today. A message must be sent.

daneekasghost (poisoned day one, Ellie Sue (wolf))
Dread Pirate (poisoned himself, then gutted night one, Fireball (villager))
The Reverend

***IT IS DAY***

Night will fall at 10pm Central.