I’m Kelly “spookymilk” Wells, and I run this site, where players contend in elimination-based games that once bore a strong resemblance to Survivor but have since taken on a shape of their own. This was the first site where Fall, Caesar was tested, as part of one of my Survivor seasons, though a link is impossible because it was all played privately via email while just the results were posted here. Don’t hesitate to comment, ask questions, or even join the games. I can be contacted at foreverunchanged@gmail.com.

The “Survivor Archives” link above is especially helpful. Though the game going on right now (season XIII) is creative writing-based, you can see a strategic game in the archives for season XI. It’s a very intimidating site with the large number of links and posts, so you can also skip all that and just email me with any questions.

My other site, where I run experimental games, can be found right over here.

The Fall, Caesar-specific site is at this link and will be the place for my updates throughout the fundraising period.

Thanks for coming!