Welcome, potential-Survivors, to a brand new game!   Featuring a shiny new moderator, full of unpredictability and awesomeness, XIV has the potential to be the second best game of Spookymilk Survivor ever!  (Keep your hands off of XI!  No one touch it!  That was perfection!).

Who will win?  Who will non-sub?  Who will create the best character for their pseudonym?  (It’ll probably be Will… if he’s playing, of course!).  These are the questions that remain to be answered, except the third one, which might already have an answer.  Of course, Will is gonna want to keep his identity quiet, so he might not do a character, or something…  These are the puzzles you’ll have to solve.  Oh, and also all the puzzles that are part of the game.

The point is, we’re gonna have fun!

The game should actually get going in about 3 weeks.  That’ll give Survivor XIII enough time to wrap and do a little post-game.  XIV’s teams will be announced sometime around then, with the first challenge to follow quickly thereafter.  If you’re interested in playing, drop me an e-mail at matthewbnovak at gmail dot com, listing your 3 favorite names from the list below.  First come, first served.  If, by some chance, all 3 names you want are taken already, I’ll let you know. If you’re not sure about playing, feel free to e-mail me whatever questions you might have, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Once you’ve got a name, I’ll send you more instructions.   Remember, you’ll want to keep your identity a secret, so don’t let other people know that you’re playing!  Except for me.  Let me know.

List of names after the break:

We’re already at 24 players!  I’d love to keep pushing ahead to, say, 30?  Can we make 30?

PuttPutt Blue                                               Cellular Mitosis
Susan Butchbeard                                        Lieutenant Borf
Honey Bunches of Donald                            Model T. Wugglyjunk
Cuthbert Headlam                                        Helen of Pittsburgh
Tahitian Teat                                                Reginald James Neville Neville
Humberto, The Amazing Sandwich               Pugnacious Emile
Roundhouse Farter                                      A Really Scary Mummy
Ms. Regina Pottycakes                                 Mitch the Possible
Eats A Lot Of Pie                                          Cara Grande
Dave, Circa Tuesday                                    Tiffany Ann Foxyhotsex
The Trouble With Nipples                             Perforated Eddie
The Viscount Of Goatbutter                          Sir Assheton Pownall
Mathasaurus!                                               Francois Le Petit Géant
Two Scoops Of Fingerlings                           Second-string Fishburger
Polynesian Abscess                                      Gaspar of the Mound
Drake Constantinople                                  The Harpsichord Dandy
Thad the Bunter                                           Peaches ‘n’ Steve
Zippers Domingo                                          Yo Mama So Effervescent
Winnie the Screw                                         Captain Ezekial Jailbait
Li’l Dingus of the Omaha Dinguses               Ambidextrous Jon
Gloria Taxachusetts                                      Goody Delilah Doublespawn
The Mysterious Norway                                Jesus H. Buddha
Inspector Gidget                                          Skunk Bait Jones
Dingus Interruptus                                       Glitter

*Some names were borrowed from Kelly, a list of actual members of Parliament (thanks DPWY!), or John Hodgman.

Most Some of my favorite names are still on there (including possibly my favorite).


Finally, as I indicated above, people have often come up with characters for these pseudonyms. I absolutely eat that stuff up. And so I’m going to reward people who make the best characters. I won’t say how just yet, but it might be worth it for you to make at least some sort of effort at character, whether on-site or in your other communications with players.

E-mail your name choices to me [matthewbnovak at gmail dot com] to sign up for the game!