So, Survivors, it seemed like the writing was on the wall heading into this vote. I’m sad to say I didn’t see a single email from this voting period (seriously, you guys, don’t forget to bcc me on the interesting stuff).

Away we go…

Vote One: Bret Highum.

Vote Two: Sarah Bizek. “It’s never a good sign when you can’t get women to talk. I’m toast.

So, I vote for Sarah Bizek, for the final time.”

Vote Three: Bret Highum. “Been a long time comin’.”

Vote Four: Bret Highum. “This makes me sad. :(”

Vote Five: Bret Highum. “What was that about doing the same thing and hoping for a different
outcome? Bret, you were a great opponent. In fact, I enjoyed our wacky
relationship! I hope that the writers in the jury room saved some donuts
for you.

This one goes out to my Sisters of the Pen: GIRL POWER!”

Yep, Vajeens, you did it. But now what?

Twenty-Third elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XIII: Bret “The Turtle Destroyer” Highum

In six games, Bret has placed either fifth or sixth five different times. He’s very consistent…with the way he ultimately chooses the wrong alliance (don’t take it personally, Bret. I did the same thing in Big Brother!). Also, Manti Teo’s Dead Girlfriend becomes the first team to disappear.

So, Crime Scene is the second to last challenge in this thing. Are you nervous? I sure am. After all, a woman is going to win this thing for the first time in six years, and I’m not sure I remember how to talk to women.

So here’s the scene, in a hotel lobby:

*Blood on three different couches.
*Empty pill bottles.
*A concierge who admits to having seen nothing unusual, though he says he was covering for someone else doing rounds from 2-3am.
*A bride’s dress, in perfect condition.
*No bodies found.

What happened last night?

Word Limit: 2500. Due: Sunday 9/29 at 8pm Central.

DK and I will still give out one each of Gold, Silver and Bronze. If there’s a tie, preference will be given to a person who has a gold. If there’s still a tie, a consensus will be reached.

Cheers, Survivorettes.