What do you think, Survivors? Ready for the finale? Let’s get one of you out of here…

Vote One: Sarah Wreisner. “No easy vote here, I’m afraid.”

Vote Two: Margaret Martin. “Ugh”

Vote Three: Sarah Wreisner. “My vote is for Sarah W. She’s a player and an excellent writer.”

Vote Four: Margaret Martin. “Margaret. ALL Ss IN THE FINALE!!!!!! You can’t sit with us. YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!

Just kidding. I vote Margaret.”

That means we get the second and final write-off. This one was created by Brooks, because one way or another, that guy is going to be a major player at the end of the game.

Sarah W and Margaret, by tomorrow night at 9pm Central, have a story to us that combines two sayings, and have the proverb explain your new proverb. Such as, “A stitch in time gathers no moss.”

Word limit: 1000.

Then, we’ll really get to the final challenge. Cheers, Survivors.