Hello Survivors!  How did you do on your first challenge?  Were there nonsubs?  After some computer difficulty accessing your results, I was finally able to figure it out!  Results after the break:

No nonsubs!  Woo!

Here’s what the teams picked:

Monster Trucks Loyal Subjects Renegades
20 Sir Assheton Gloria Taxachusetts Glitter
19 Francois Le Petit Cellular Mitosis Humberto
18 Drake Mitch The Possible Mathasaurus!
17 Lt. Borf Norway Inspektor Gidget
16 Tiffany Gaspar Winnie The Screw
15 Cutty Headlam (7) Pugnacious Emile (7)
14 Scary Mummy (7) Peaches’n’ Steve (7)
13 Lotsa Pie (6) Amidexterous Jon (6)
12 Dave, Tuesday (6) Thad The Bunter (6)
11 Skunky Jones (5) RJ Neville Neville (5)
10 Jesus H. Buddha (5) Bunches Of Donald (5)
9 Perforated Eddie (4) Roundhouse Farter (4)
8 Ezekial Jailbait (8) +
Unique #’s 0 0 1
Points 31 28 34


So there you have it Survivors!  The Loyal Subjects will be voting out a member after the next challenge.  Instructions will follow on voting out a member after the next challenge is complete.  Congratulations to the other two teams!

I’m already having a ton of fun watching this.  And I can’t wait to get the next challenge underway.  Post to follow later tonight!