Welcome Survivors!  I’ll take back those immunity idols from Team Monster Trucks and The Renegades.  Didn’t get to hold on to those for long, did you?

Before we get to the challenge, I want to take a few moments to caution all the players out there:

First be careful about revealing information about your game to other players.  Not just your identities, or the team you might be on, but strategies and what-not.  It seems some “real life” slip-ups might have happened, so everyone remember to be cautious.  Also, since we’ve instituted the chat site, knowingly talking with other players outside the game about the game probably runs afoul of the rule to avoid off-site communications.  It’s not e-mail, but… I don’t like it too much.  Obviously if you’re talking to someone who is playing that you don’t know is playing, you didn’t break the rule.  But if you’re talking to someone you know is playing, then that is bad.

Also, if you have questions or concerns, any questions really, please bring them to my attention, not other people you know of who are playing.  Especially if you’re a new player (if any exist).  Third, or fourth, or fourteenth, or whatever number we’re at now… please be careful about where you send your communications to when you’re trying to reach me.  I know lots of people have used my other e-mail address before, but for this game I’m trying to focus on using gmail.  So whether you’re sending in a vote, or thoughts about the game or trying to find an idol or whatever, make sure you’re sending these things to the appropriate account, ok?

Lastly, there will be far, far fewer reminders going forward.  I may have gone a bit overboard today.  I will absolutely stop sending reminders to actual e-mail accounts, and will start sending them only to your pseudonym accounts.  So… know that that’s gonna happen.

Alright, with that all out of the way, let’s get on to the challenge!


Challenge 2: Mastermind-To-Mind-To-Mind

In Mastermind there are 6 “code pegs”, of various colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple).  The Codemaker (me) will create a secret code by selecting 4 of these pegs, and placing them in order.  The Codemaker can use any combination of colors, including using two or more of the same color.

The Codebreakrs (you) task is to duplicate the exact colors and positions of the secret code.  You do this by making a guess as to the pattern.  After you have guessed, the Codemaker will give you “keys” that give you clues about how you’re doing.  I will respond by e-mail to tell you what keys, and how many of each, you have gotten.

  • You will receive a black key for each Code Peg that is both the right color and in the right position.

  • You will receive a white key peg for each Code Peg that’s the right color, but not in the right position.

  • You will receive no key pegs if a color is not used in the code.

The keys will not be in any particular order.  It’s part of the challenge for the Codebreaker to figure out which Key Pegs correspond to which Code Pegs.  In order to make your guesses you will need to e-mail me.  Please send in just one guess at a time (obviously you want the feedback, to make a better subsequent guess).  Please label the e-mails “first guess,” “2nd guess,” etc.  Your guess will list 4 colors, in the order you wish to guess them.   I will be available and online for much of the time this challenge is going on, so hopefully we’ll be able to hammer out a time that works well for you to go through it quickly, instead of spaced out over several days of guess/response/guess/response… But if we have to do that, that’ll be what we have to do.

An example of how this might progress:

My secret code is:  Red, Blue, Yellow, Yellow
Your first guess is: Green, Green, Yellow, Blue.
You will then receive 1 Black Key (Yellow in position 3) and 1 White Key (Blue, in wrong position).
Your next guess is: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple.
You will then receive 3 Black Keys (R, B and Y)
Your third guess is: Red, Blue, Yellow, Yellow.
I will e-mail back that you got the correct answer, and that it took you 3 turns to solve the puzzle.

Players will complete 2 code-puzzles.  Each player will compete against players from both of the other teams, in a 3-way match.  You will be matched up against the same 2 people for both code-puzzles.  Your total number of guesses, combining the two puzzles, will be used to determine your placement.  Fewer guesses is, obviously, good.  If you haven’t gotten it by 10 guesses, you are penalized 1 guess, (so you’ll get 11 points) and move on to the next puzzle.  If you do not complete a puzzle you will receive 11 points as well.  If you do not complete either puzzle (or make the full 10 guesses while failing to solve the puzzle), you will be considered a non-sub.

Tie-breaker is the shortest-longest path (so if 2 players both have 10 total points, but one player had 2 paths of 5, and one had a path of 6 and another of 4, the player with 2 paths of 5 would win the tiebreaker).  The winner of the match will secure 2 points for their team, the 2nd place person will get 1 point, and the loser will get none.  The team with the least points will vote out a member.  As will any team with a non-sub.

I will be posting the results of individual matches as soon as all 3 players in the match have completed their puzzles.

Here are your Head-to-Head-to-Head Matchups (In order of Renegades vs. Loyal Subjects vs. Monster Trucks):

Puzzle Set 1:
Reginald James Neville Neville – 15 (7/8) – 1 point
Mitch The Possible – 11 (5/6) – 2 points
Francois Le Petit Geant – 19 (11/8)
Set 2:
Inspector Gidget – 11 (6/5) – 1 point
Jesus H. Buddha – 10 (5/5) – 2 points
Dave, Circa Tuesday – 14 (9/5)
Set 3:
Honey Bunches Of Donald – 18 (11/7)
The Mysterious Norway – 9 (5/4) – 2 points
Sir Assheton Pownall – 10 (5/5) – 1 point
Set 4:
Winnie The Screw – 9 (4/5) – tiebreaker >4 – 1 point
Perforated Eddie – 10 (5/5)
Eats A Lot Of Pie – 9 (4/5) – tiebreaker – 4 – 2 points
Set 5:
Humberto, The Amazing Sandwich 9 (4/5) – tiebreaker >4 – 1 point
Ambidextrous Jon – 9 (4/5) – tiebreaker – 4 – 2 points
Cuthbert Headlam – 10 (5/5)
Set 6:
Pugnacious Emile – 8 (3/5) – 1 point
Peaches’n’Steve – 8 (4/4) – 2 points
Tiffany Ann Foxyhotsex – 19 (8/11)
Set 7:
Mathasaurus! – 8 (4/4) – 2 points
Gaspar Fopsworth von Belsig – 9 (4/5) – 1 point
Skunk Bait Jones – 11 (6/5)
Set 8:
Captain Ezekial Jailbait – 11 (7/4)
Gloria Taxacusetts – 10 (6/4) – 1 point
Drake Constantinople – 8 (4/4) – 2 points
Set 9:
Glitter – 9 (4/5)
Cellular Mitosis – 8 (4/4) – 2 points
Lt. Borf – 8 (5/3) – 1 point
Set 10:
Roundhouse Farter
Thad The Bunter
A Really Scary Mummy


Renegades:        7
Loyal Subjects:  14
Monster Trucks: 6

Completed Puzzles are due by Wednesday, October 16th, at 9 p.m. central time.