Congratulations Survivors, you’ve made it through your first two challenges!  Some of you more so than others.  I’m extremely excited that we didn’t have any nonsubs for either of the first two challenges.  There were things with kids, and things with sick kids, and things with kids that were just born, and hospital visits, and at least one funeral.  And probably lots of stuff I didn’t even hear about.  But you still all made it, and bravo to you all for that.  Bravo, and thanks.  Really.  It means a lot to me.

Now, for the results… You’ve seen the live updates posted in the challenge below.  You know that The Loyal Subjects are safe.  But what of the other two teams?  How did that end up?  If A Really Scary Mummy wins the tiebreaker, then Renegades is sending someone home.  And if Thad The Bunter wins the tiebreaker, then Team Big Ass Monster Truck will be voting out  a member.  So… who is it going to be?  Let’s find out:

Set 10:
Roundhouse Farter – 13 (6/7)
Thad The Bunter – 9 (4/5) – tiebreaker >5 – 1 point
A Really Scary Mummy – 9 (5/4) – tiebreaker – 5 – 2 points


Renegades:        7
Loyal Subjects:  15
Monster Trucks: 8


Yes, The Loyal Subjects really did have as many points as the other two teams combined.  And yes, The Renegades really did lose 3 tiebreakers of their own (sets 4, 5 and 6).  And yes, the team with the worst average length is safe this time.   What a crazy game.

It’s not all sunshine, lollypops, and rainbows for The Loyal Subjects though, as they still need to eliminate a member as the losers of Challenge #1.  Usually elimination votes will happen the next day, but since this is the first one, I’m giving both teams until Friday at 6 P.M. Central to get me their votes.

For those who don’t know, here’s how it works:  You can discuss it with your teammates, obviously.  Remember: All conversations are to happen on the chat site.  (That’s exactly why you can set up private chats, of course).  After doing discussing with your teammates (or not, whatever) you will e-mail me the name of the person you want to vote out.  You can only vote for people who are on your team.  The person with the most votes will be eliminated.  If you do not vote, you will cast a vote for yourself.  Votes will be anonymous.

If there is a tie, the first tie-breaker will be previous votes against.  For the second tie-breaker (especially relevant this time, because there are no previous votes against) I will conduct a tie-breaker challenge between the two people who are tied.  The loser will be eliminated.

If anyone has, and would like to play, a hidden immunity idol, e-mail me that information along with your vote.

One additional piece: I plan on revealing players’ true identities upon elimination (prior to the merge; no identities will be revealed for post-merge eliminations).  If you do not want your identity revealed, let me know, and I will continue to keep it a secret.

Loyal Subjects and Renegades, please get me your votes.  The elimination and next challenge will go up Friday evening, and Round 1 of the next challenge will run Saturday and Sunday.  Unless someone absolutely can’t do that, in which case, let me know.  But hopefully 2 days will work for everyone.