The time has come to snuff the torches of our first two competitors.  I really didn’t want to see anyone leaving, I love you all so much. Knowing the pain of leaving first, I have the utmost sympathy for these two competitors, and I’m sorry to see them go.   If anyone would like to play an Immunity Idol, now would be the time.  No one?  Ok then.


We’ll start with The Renegades:

Vote 1:  Reginald

Vote 2:  Donald

Vote 3:  Reginald – My vote goes to Ol’ jump-the-gun hisself.

Vote 4:  Reginald – He waits last minute or he’s jumping the gun.  Inconsistency is dangerous.  I’m also going to declare him the guy that named our team without consulting the rest of us.  Might as well.

Vote 5:  Reginald

Vote 6:  Reginald

Vote 7:  Reginald

Vote 8:  Reginald “and the full effect” Neville Neville

Vote 9: Reginald

Vote 10: Reginald.  Yeah, that just happened.

Your first elimination from Suvivor XIV:  Eric “Reginald James Neville Neville” Peterson.  Yeah, that’s right.  Y’all took out a n00b.  Feel good about yourselves now, do ya?  At least now I can stop posting all that information for new players.  Or can I…?


Now that that’s out of the way, how did things go down on The Loyal Subjects?  Let’s take a look:

Vote 1:  Peaches – I liked it better when there were non-subs early on.

Vote 2:  Norway

Vote 3:  Mitosis

Interesting… the rest of the votes after the jump:

Vote 4:  Norway

Vote 5:  Norway.  A wise man once told me the only thing Sweden has that Norway doesn’t is a good neighbor. I disagree. Norway also has my vote.

Vote 6:  Peaches

Vote 7: Peaches of Steve

Vote 8: Norway

Vote 9: Peaches’n’Steve

Vote 10: Peaches’n’Steve – I love peaches, but I’m not so sure about Steve.

Your second elimination: William “Peaches’n’Steve” Young.  Wow.  Well, Will, we’ll weep for ya.


Truly, I am sorry to see these guys go.  Two of the best people I know, really.  One quick, fun note: Will originally selected the name Reginald James Neville Neville, but switched off of it.  So basically, he cursed the name for Eric.  But enough about them, let’s focus on the living!  Congratulations to the rest of you.  You’re still here, and the next challenge will be going up shortly.